The news this week is a bit more focused on eBay as it seems that they have a critical flaw that is leaving sellers upset and concerned. Review feedback is a critical part of ecommerce and even more important for marketplace sellers. Amazon made public that it added 500 000 more products available via Prime. The USPS fee hike is imminent and it seems that little information is publicly available.

Two different eBay sellers selling the same type of coin, a 1918/7 D Nickel. Both listings display a poor review from a buyer who had left the review not for the product in general, but rather, for a particular coin he had purchased from an unspecified seller. “This coin is not a 1918/7-d as the seller claims, just a regular 1918-d nickel.” As a seller if it is important to be aware of the review functionality of the marketplace on which you sell. eBay it seems have a bug that is allowing product reviews to be seen as merchant feedback. How long till this is resolved? Read more here.

Known as “seller-fulfilled Prime,” the new program allows businesses that sell goods on Amazon to qualify their products for Prime two-day shipping without warehousing those goods with Amazon. Previously, these businesses had to store goods in Amazon warehouses through a program called Fulfilled by Amazon if they wanted a product to qualify for Prime shipping — something some businesses weren’t comfortable with. Amazon announced on Tuesday that it had added more than 500,000 products to Prime’s catalogue of 20 million items through this program in the second half of 2015 alone. This is pretty important information for sellers – are you aware of this programme? Have you been asked to join the Seller fulfilled Prime program? Read more here.

Online sellers have just over a week before postage rates rise, the most significant increase we’ve seen for ecommerce sellers in years. Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a spike in questions as the January 17th date draws near. Have you spent some time thinking about this fee hike? Read more here.

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