In this moneymaking world: there’s always room for more growth. As an established online seller you have undoubtedly explored diverse prospects of expanding your business or brand. However, this one may be your most successful move.

Ultimately the Amazon marketplace is going strong. It is now obvious that despite the naysayers’ negative predictions, Amazon is still the choice platform for any online seller.

The hottest movement of selling online items abroad has gone wild. Businessmen are raking in huge profits from international trade.  Amazon has fulfillment centers in Japan, Canada, UK, Spain, and Germany, France and Italy and more. In all probability the UK and Canada are the safest place to start out because of our similar cultures. From the Amazon UK Fulfillment Center items are delivered to all of the European Union. Being that Amazon only ships domestically, the Europeans are super pleased to have everything America has to offer at their fingertips, making no fuss about the pricy cost.

It is an intelligent choice to bring your goods across the Atlantic and watch the earnings blowing your way, right? Absolutely. There is one valid concern though. How does one export singlehandedly? With amazon’s multitude of requirements there is much to be wary of when shipping packages globally.

The language barrier is one issue you might expect when shipping to Europe. Another stressful encounter due to negligence in paying taxes is when your packages go into credit stop.  A shipping company can be helpful by paying your taxes in advance and then billing you. Also, an VAT / EORI number is mandatory for every item imported into the UK to assist customs in keeping track of the sender. If you choose to expand your business to Canada, which might be a lucrative option too, you will include an NRI number.

Hazmat goods are mostly batteries and perfumes. Many large carriers like UPS and DHL have their own requirements how to package these products. An experienced shipper can explain each company’s preferences. UPS will only ship your batteries if the proper paperwork is completed. DHL will not ship batteries at all, yet they have no problem shipping batteries in a sealed compartment as a part of a toy or telephone. Amazon doesn’t allow the selling of Hazmat goods without a proper license. With the right paperwork and appropriate stickers you will be good to go. With an IATA license you have the right to ship perfumes.

Customs requests a Harmonized code, a number code describing the goods, and a recording of the wholesale value of the shipped merchandise. If your shipment equals less than $2,500 you mustn’t include a tariff (harmonized) code.  Yet it is recommendable to include the codes to spare yourself disappointment, otherwise customs will apply their own code if yours is missing. Their code might describe a more expensive brand of the same item, like using the code for parker pens on your box of simple pens. Sales amounting over 120,000 lbs. annually need a VAT number. VAT – value added taxes are 20% per item. But expensive stuff have an additional 12% duties, which brings you to an inflated 32% tax bill on a box of basic pens.

When shipping internationally your package is measured and priced in two ways, by its actual weight, and by the Dimensional weight. The formula used is multiplying the height, weight and width of the box and then dividing the product by 139. The carrier will then compare the two amounts and of course charge the seller the costlier one. A reliable shipping company will advise on how to package economically. With a pillow for example, which is light and fluffy, one can include a heavier item.

A partial list of Dangerous Goods that are not allowed to be shipped would be products containing milk derivatives, fish oil and wildlife ingredients. If in doubt about a component of your merchandise you shall verify your concern with a certified shipper.

Although international trade offers numerous opportunities for the aspiring seller, actually getting there and attempting to ship on your own, can get you stuck in a mess of red tape. Perhaps you will opt to work with an acclaimed shipping company instead, leaving the bother and hassle to the professionals.

The First Choice Shipping company has agreements with major carriers including UPS, DHL, and FedEx, therefore we can offer incomparable rates thanks to our bulk shipping on a daily basis. As your shipper we will prepare your commercial invoice ensuring compliance with Amazon’s host of requirements. Our sophisticated software systems allows us to be proactive in adhering to Amazon’s updated requirements. In just two days your shipment will arrive safely. For a minimal fee First Choice will obtain your EORI or VAT number for your European exports. Because Amazon refuses to be the Importer on Record, which should be the recipient of the delivery, our system appoints you as the importer. Another benefit is our UK warehouse where all your returns, which otherwise would have been dumped by Amazon, come back to. As an added bonus your stuff is consolidated to save on shipping costs and only then will they head back home.

Bottom line? International trade is something you certainly want to explore, and an experienced shipper can walk you through the process precisely and professionally. Good luck!

Established in 2010, First Choice Shipping was founded on the belief that the complex world of shipping can and should be made easier and affordable for sellers expanding their business internationally Including to Amazon UK, Canada Japan Etc. To do that we set out to create a single digital hub from which all shipping functions could be easily driven and managed from carrier selection and tracking, to shipping labels. A digital engine that would connect small business owners and eCommerce giants alike to the entire world, on their terms and incredible rates. Next we set out to find and train the most energetic, knowledgeable and passionate family of supporters to ensure those who want to get ahead in the global shipping industry have a choice. First Choice.

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