By Erick Rodriguez from Virtuous Graphics

If you’re a private label seller on Amazon, you might be
exploring the possibility of employing Amazon packaging and product inserts to
boost the customer experience. Chances are, you’re wondering if it’s a worthy
investment; you might fall into the same category of a lot of Amazon sellers
who are not aware of the significance of this little sales trick. The truth is,
proper presentation contributes to better sales and return on investment (ROI).

In this article, we’ll show you the many advantages of
investing in proper packaging and product inserts. The benefits, in addition to
sales and ROI, include having happier, satisfied customers and improved

We will discuss how good product packaging can contribute to
a better brand registry, increased click-through rate, and reach out to new
sales channels. In the same way, it lowers the incidence of in-authenticity
claims and minimizes negative reviews on your products. Overall, enhancing
product packaging and Amazon product inserts will boost additional sales.

What’s the Significance of Amazon Packaging and Inserts?

Amazon packaging protects the item as it makes its way to the customer. Many
negative reviews come from customers who have received items that suffered
damage en route. Good product packaging can minimize the chance of this

you could compare the relevance of product packaging and inserts to grocery
shopping. Attractive packaging draws the eye of the customer. Unless you’ve got
a particular brand in mind, likely you’ll purchase the item with the packaging
that catches your eye.

experience is very similar with Amazon. High-quality product packaging and
product inserts can help your items stand out among the competition. Packaging
is the second impression a customer gets of your product. How a product is
presented spells the difference between customer delight and customer
disappointment, at that crucial moment when a customer holds your product in
his or her hands for the very first time. 

What Goes into Good Amazon Product Packaging Design?

strategy is two-fold: good design, and good content.

Good design can be further divided into the aesthetic design
and the packaging’s physical quality. Aesthetic design makes an impact and
could spell the difference between customers considering your item a fun
product for Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries, or a product they chuck
into the hall closet and forget. Pretty boxes or tubes require little
additional wrapping to make the item gift-ready. Quality is important, too;
products get jostled around during delivery, and who knows what might happen to
the product once it arrives at the customer’s delivery address. Sturdy packaging
that shields your product from an enthusiastic and curious cat will be very
well received by the customer. We promise!

Content is also key in managing customer expectations. The
packaging is the place to put important information, such as your brand name,
package contents, customer hotlines in case of mismanaged or unachieved
expectations, origin of the product, and any certifications like FDA-approval,
FBA, or awards that the item has won.

Inserts meanwhile carefully step in front of negative reviews
before they can happen. They anticipate customer experiences and meticulously
manage them. A good insert can be a quick instructional guide, or fun tips that
help enhance the experience of the product, or an installation guide. Inserts
also encourage customers to leave a review on your Amazon page—effectively
boosting sales in an indirect, “soft sell” manner.

Keyword Research and How SEO Can Help Your Packaging

research plays an important role—not just in your listing, but also in your
product packaging and inserts. Clearly, it’s impossible to optimize a physical
product for SEO, but careful keyword research will still ease the sales process
and create customer delight.

Pay attention to the prevalent keyword trends as well as the
keywords used by the competing products. Take the time to research broad and
generic terms, which ones stand out, and identify whether they are major or
minor keywords. Through an extensive inquiry, you can glean a better idea which
keywords or phrases are best used for your products. This sort of search gets
you found on Amazon—but it has an impact too in your Amazon product packaging
and Amazon product inserts. Knowing what customers are looking for will help
you design the product packaging that will convince customers that they’ve made
the right choice by choosing your product over the others.

Expanding to New Sales Channels with Product Packaging

Amazon sellers have the bad habit of simply tossing their private label on a
generic item and that’s it. But if you want to truly grow your brand and expand
to a new sales channel, you need to invest in professional branding. Slapping
tags or stickers on the packaging simply won’t do much.

Poor-quality packaging can have adverse outcomes. We spoke
about negative reviews caused by faulty packaging above. Badly designed or
flimsy packaging is likely to result in negative product reviews, bringing star
ratings down. In many instances, the number of sales will decline. The worst
case scenario is the suspension of your Amazon account due to too many negative
reviews and ratings.

With beautifully presented, professional-looking packaging,
customers become more inclined to patronize your product, as opposed to a
poorly presented competing item. In the same way, aesthetically pleasing
packaging helps drive additional sales, as customers tend to talk about it with
their family and friends. Driven by word of mouth, more people will be
persuaded to look for your product, resulting in an improvement in your search
results rank (for purposes of search engine optimization or SEO).

Customers also tend to leave positive reviews as well. With
many leaving a good word about your product in addition to having a good
customer experience with you, anticipation and excitement are woven around your
product—this is invaluable organic marketing that no amount of professional
photography, graphic design, or copywriting can replicate.

When product developers step in front of negative reviews by
inviting customer feedback, you’re given the chance to engage your customers in
a conversation before they take to Amazon or social media to voice their
distress. As we have already learned, posting negative reviews on Amazon
may eventually get the listing pulled—putting a stop on sales, and causing
losses on your inventory.


packaging and inserts have manifold benefits:

  1. Protect the product as it makes
    its way to your customer
  2. Wow the customer with
    aesthetically pleasing and engaging packaging
  3. Encourage the product to be
    considered as a gift item over items with flimsy or nonexistent packaging
  4. Step in front of negative
    reviews and manage customer expectations
  5. Create a relationship with the
    customer by inviting feedback
  6. Produce a long-lasting
    impression that will result happy customers
  7. Organic marketing effort that results in customers
    sharing their delight with family, friends, and on social media

Essentially, you can expect improved click-through rates and
customer satisfaction—and, ultimately, increased sales and a better return on