E-commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Entrepreneurs wanting to try their hand at online selling will benefit from e-commerce seminars that are sponsored by business solution providers.

It’s always smart to draw on the experience of those who came before you. Many of them have traversed the tricky waters of entrepreneurship and can keep you from making common mistakes. They also know how to confront some of the stickiest problems in the industry.

Here are a few prevalent problems and ideas from the pros for handling them:

  • E-commerce is subject to change – What worked last year may not work today. This is the essence of e-commerce. Everything is constantly evolving. Survival in this business depends on how the company reinvents its brand, offers enticing promotions, and uses all available platforms to boost product sales. Don’t get too attached to anything, and be ready to change and expand as needed.
  • E-commerce regulations are complicated – Regulations governing e-commerce keep on changing and are getting stricter by the day. Online sellers have been hit hard by the new rules on the collection of sales tax. The sales tax nexus has caught many vendors by surprise and stuck them major tax obligations. Take time to learn about this problem and stay compliant.
  • Customer loyalty is waning – A successful business is highly dependent on customer loyalty, which can be difficult to maintain. In many industries, consumers tend to gravitate to better offers and promotions, with little emphasis on loyalty to the company or its brand. Take extra measures to keep your customers coming back. Send unexpected extras or free gifts with customer orders. Email patrons regularly about deals and discounts.
  • Cybercrime happens – Cyber criminals will always try to breach the security systems of online retailers. Once a retailer’s security is compromised, the repercussions can be enormous. Customers will lose faith in the integrity and security of the online seller, leading to a major decrease in business. Proactively try to tighten up your ship to mitigate security risks.

There are many obstacles for online entrepreneurs. Be prepared to expect the unexpected, and do not be alarmed when you spend a lot of your time putting out fires. Luckily, most problems can be solved with critical thinking and hard work.