The E-commerce Platform has now become a lethal battleground. Though there is a severe survival war going on between plenty of E-commerce Retail companies, there is always a King – whose regime & presence dominates the battleground of the whole competition. Here, the King is but obvious – Amazon. And, the Sellers who are doing business on Amazon, are its warriors, because they are continuously in a search for extravagant strategies to boost their Sales up. Below are the Four Strategies which can help Sellers become forefront in their businesses

1) Amazon Storefront: – It’s said that, Marketing starts with Consumer and it also ends with Consumer. So, this quote is well justified with the creation of Amazon Storefront. Amazon Storefront provides the extended shopping experience to customers. It showcases all the Products of your Brand, which are listed on Amazon, in a single online store provided by Amazon. This creates magnificent Brand Awareness of our Brand & also it gives more discoverability to all of your Products. Here, you can put the high selling Products on the top of the page & can also promote other products in conjunction with the Top-rated Products. Amazon Storefront can leave the Customers gasping on seeing the wonderful range of your Products, right on one page. This, eventually will increase the Overall Sales of your Brand & will affect the Bottom-line with great revenue.

 2) Mobile Plays Big Roll In Sales: – The increment in Sales on Amazon, can also be achieved by promoting your Products on Social Media Platforms. By doing these, you can redirect the customers to your Amazon Landing Page, where they can have an overview of your Product before they proceed to buying page. Social Media Platforms, which acts as a catalyst in promoting your Products are :-


    • Facebook Promotions:- The most easily accessible Platform & the one with massive customer base, is the best Social Media Platform to promote your Brand & Products & eventually drive the traffic on your Amazon Landing Page. This is done by creating Facebook PPC Campaigns. Hence, it would result in hefty increment of your Sales & overall Revenue.


    • Instagram Marketing:- Instagram helps in promoting your Products through Pictorial Presentation & also through short Videos. You can make an account on it to promote your Brand & Products, and can also post the Amazon Landing Page Link in the description of each Product. Also, you can register as Business User & then participate in Sponsored Ads. By doing these, your Ads would be targeted to the specific audience.


    • Pinterest Promotions:- Pinterest is a infographic platform. By this, it means these platform would display the Picture of your Product with its whole description & a Link to the Website, where this Product is available to buy. Also, the Amazon Product can be connected to Shopify Framework & then it can be listed on Pinterest. By doing these, Customers can directly buy the Product from Pinterest only.

3) Last email of the sequence: – A gentle follow-up, with the sequence of emails to your Customers, once they have purchased your product. Moreover, you can also promote your adjacent product to the original product, by providing deep discounts on these products & also by explaining the few advantages of this product while using the main product. This will increase the sales in a persistent manner.

4) Influence Marketing: – A socially acclaimed personality on Internet promotes your product. You have to find out the person, who already runs his/her own channel of videos, with a huge fan following & is concurrent with your Product Range. Either you have to give a certain number of products to them for free or you have to pay the fees for this marketing campaign. If 1% of the fans from 100,000 subscribers buy, then as well it will be 1000 orders. This would definitely increase your Customer base & there would be an enormous hike in your sales.

Exclusively focusing on online market places such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and a few others, eStore Factory is able to expand our understanding of each of these platforms, ensuring that our client’s products get maximum visibility and get highest RoI.

eStore Factory has expertise in Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Product Listing, List Optimization, AMS, Sponsored Listing, Account Management and other additional tasks, giving our clients a competitive advantage, time to work on their product selection and product sourcing.

Since 2014, we have listed or optimized more than 130k products, $55 million revenue generated for our clients, 46 trained & experienced executives in our team and over 92% MoM client retention rate.

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