Since the world of internet marketplaces is constantly evolving, online sellers must always be learning. Otherwise, they will lose touch with the latest trends and selling techniques. What worked for online selling five years ago may not work today, especially where Amazon is concerned. Amazon is a very fluid marketplace with innovations frequently disrupting old patterns.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Amazon selling strategies and keep up with the latest developments in the field, consider following a few of the best blogs in the industry. Here are a few of our favorites blogs to get you started:

Prosper Show: We’re a little partial to our own blog, but we work very hard to bring you a wealth of information. Our blog is rich with marketing hacks, tips to make your first sale, outsourcing tasks to overseas personal assistants, and more.

WebRetailer: This website features interviews with “e-commerce heroes.” These successful online business moguls share valuable insight about selling on Amazon, Ebay, and more. The website’s “In Depth” tab links to resourceful blogs about hundreds of aspects of online selling, including avoiding dead stock, repricing, seller analytics, and more.

Practical Ecommerce: Look to this website for down-to-earth articles and commentaries to help your e-commerce business thrive. Subjects topics range from Google AdWords to Instagram to LinkedIn ads to ideas for increasing organic search traffic so you can expect to learn more about whatever issue you are currently facing.

BuyBox Experts: This site is developed by a team of e-commerce experts who specialize in marketplace consulting and management for medium to large brands. Their articles appear on numerous high-profile ecommerce sites, but you can find them aggregated here. They are organized by topic so you can easily access the information you need when you need it.

Knowledge is power, and following these blogs can make you a force to be reckoned with on Amazon and other marketplaces.