Amazon news is happening everywhere and all the time, see just a few of the trending stories that have happened recently in our industry!

  1. Amazon Is Never Going Back To Normal

A huge announcement made recently stated that seller’s shipments to Amazon warehouses are being rejected (many with no place to go, which is an especially big deal for intercontinental travel of product) and many sellers are being warned that they are over limit. Read the trending article to understand more about the measures put in place.

2. Amazon Earnings Will Beat Expectations, What Does That Mean For The Stock

Read more about the expectations from Wall Street and other sources on Amazon stock prices given their current revenues.

3. Here’s What’s Coming To Amazon Prime Video This May

Most importantly, check out the list of what is coming to stream this May. Kick off summer by watching new movies and shows coming straight to you.

4. You Can Now Get Groceries Delivered Into Your Garage

According to CNN, Amazon stated that Amazon wants to make their groceries as theft free as possible, which is a move they are making in order to grow their delivery service. Now Amazon grocery delivery drivers, if you choose, will be able to open your garage to leave your groceries inside!