When selling on Amazon, one thing may impact
your performance more than anything else: product reviews. Not only do they
govern how the platform ranks your listing, but they also influence whether
people decide to make a purchase.

Managing and maximizing these product reviews is
an essential component in creating a successful Amazon sales space. One of the
best ways to keep things in order is through email automation.

Why Product Reviews Matter

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the
world. Selling your products on a site this size means your product can be
potentially viewed and purchased by a much larger number of people than you
would be able to generate on your own.

 This traffic increase can mean that there will
be more people interacting with – and talking about – your business. All these
interactions contain important information for you, yes, but they can also say
a great deal to any potential customers viewing your product.

 Because someone looking to buy your product does
not have any physical contact with it, customer product reviews carry a great
deal of weight.

 Just over 75% of all customers take
time to read product reviews before making a purchase which means these reviews
will have a massive bearing on their decision to buy your product.

 Unfortunately, your bold advertising claims may
not hold much weight. Potential customers will rely on the experiences of
others and, if those experiences are bad, they will be likely to look elsewhere
– even if those products are more expensive.

Product Reviews and Email Automation

Product reviews not only tell customers about
your product and brand, but they are also among the metrics Amazon uses to
determine your Seller Ranking. The happier your customers are, the higher you
will rank. The higher you rank, the higher you appear in search results.

 But, these reviews and sales can happen at a
rapid pace and it can be difficult to stay on top of every sale. This is where
email automation can come to the rescue.

 You can use email automation to:

 Send emails when an order is shipped

As soon as an order gets shipped, you can
automate an email to the customer providing attachments and information
including, product instructions, insights, and product care. You can also
include contact details, asking the customer to contact you should they have
any concerns, questions, or issues. This strategy can help you prevent negative
product reviews from showing up on your listing.

 Send emails after the product is delivered

The delivery of the product does not necessarily
mean the end of your efforts. Depending on the product and average shipping
times, you can automate an email to be sent shortly after the product has
arrived. The email is to check that everything is okay with the product and ask
that the customer leave a product review. It is important that you NEVER ask
the customer to leave a positive review. Asking directly for a positive review
goes against Amazon’s Terms of Service and
can land you in serious hot water. Simply ask the client to leave an honest
review about their experience with the product.

 By using an email automation app, like the one
created by Feedbackwhiz, can send these
shipping and delivery emails, but you can also stay ahead of any negative
product reviews that appear on your listing.  

 Managing negative product reviews

No matter how wonderful your product is, you
will get negative feedback from time to time. It’s unavoidable. The more your
sales numbers increase, the greater the likelihood that someone will be unhappy
about something and leave a review that reflects this feeling.

 Negative product reviews are not the end of the

 While you CANNOT ask a customer to remove or
amend a negative review, you can attempt to resolve the issue in a timely
manner. As soon as a negative review is left, the Feedbackwhiz software will
alert you. You can immediately respond to the review through your Amazon review
page. Offer your apologizes and provide the customer with contact information
so you can remedy the issue.

 Not only does this allow you to satisfy that
customer, but it also shows potential customers reading the reviews that you care.
It shows them that you stand behind your brand and are willing to make things

 Buyers are more likely to read negative reviews
than positive reviews. Negative product reviews give them a clearer picture of
the possible pitfalls of your product. This means your response is of critical
importance. People will be more willing to assume the risk that comes with
purchasing online if they know you will make them whole should they have a
negative experience.

 If you resolve the problem a customer is having
with your product, they may even take steps to amend their review to reflect
your customer care efforts.

 Simply put, email automation allows you to
better manage customer experience while showcasing your brand in the most
positive light possible.

 Maximizing Product Reviews for Product

While Amazon is a powerful platform, tracking
reviews over a wide range of products can be tedious and cumbersome.  Platforms like Feedbackwhiz include product
review management tools that help you gather, display, notify, and track any
ASIN on Amazon. 

 Being able to filter information based on
product can help you track potential problems. Are all your negative product
reviews coming from one product? If the answer is yes, you can use some of this
information to determine the problem and improve your product. Producing a
better product creates a winning scenario for everyone!

 Emails sent after shipment or delivery can
increase the number of reviews you receive, increasing the amount of data you
have about your products.

 Timing is Everything

Customers make buying decisions within seconds
of visiting your listing and with the chance for hundreds of visitors a day,
you want to make sure you are addressing any and all negative product reviews
in a timely way. The longer a review stays up without a response from you, the
longer it will act as a barrier to more sales and the longer it can torpedo
your brand’s reputation. Don’t let a bad review sit there.

 Similarly, timing your post-shipping, and
post-delivery emails will increase their effectiveness. With email automation,
all you have to do is set the parameters and you’re covered. No need to worry
about scheduling and timing and tracking every single purchase. Set it and
forget it.


Email automation is not only a time saver, but
can save you when it comes to product reviews. By sending emails with important
or unexpected information to your buyer after shipment or delivery, you can
increase their satisfaction leading to a potential increase in positive
reviews, a boost in your ranking, more sales, and hopefully fewer negative
product reviews!