You need a unique, differentiated brand to make your e-commerce store stand out among the sea of online retailers. Today’s consumer cares more about the brands from which they purchase than even the products or services themselves. 

Amazon is strict about the branding they allow on their site. Amazon wants to retain its own customer base, which means it doesn’t want you branding in a way that redirects Amazon customers to your own business.

This balance can be challenging. You need a unique brand in order to engage customers and succeed on Amazon, but too much branding could get you suspended from Amazon.

So what do you do?

Here are 5 effective ways to build a brand that will get you noticed without getting you in trouble on Amazon.  

1. Create a brand.

In order to build your brand on Amazon, you first need to build the overall brand of your business. A “brand” is more than your business name and logo. It’s the embodiment of what your business looks and feels like to your customer. Your brand is the answer to the question: why are we in business?

Customers buy from brands that they believe in. That means they need to be clear about the purpose of your business. Typically, this boils down to your business mission.

You should start with a mission statement that defines your values and goals. It should be authentic, relevant, concise, and precise. Then, you want to put that philosophy into a specific strategy. What does your brand look, sound, and feel like? How can you translate this to your audience?

The more you live and breathe your brand, the easier it will be to incorporate that brand throughout your Amazon storefront moving forward. Start with a sturdy brand, and consumers will feel that.

2. Write copy in your brand voice.  

Amazon’s images are highly regulated, and the reviews are somewhat out of your control, so the written copy is where you really want to emphasize your brand.

How would your brand speak if it were a person talking to your customer? What kinds of words and phrases would it use? What would its tone sound like?

For example, a kids’ clothing brand might have a playful brand voice, while an adults’ clothes brand might emphasize luxury. The way they write about their clothes would be different:

         Play all day in this silly dino tee!

         Show off your sophisticated side with this black pearl-neck peplum top. 

The way you talk about your product will reveal your brand. Your customers want to feel like they’re talking to a salesperson in-store when they read your Amazon copy. Write from the point of view of your brand and you’ll start to engage the right kind of target audience.

Learn how to build your e-commerce brand voice here.

3. Show off your brand in your images.

Even though Amazon is particular about permitted images, there are still ways you can make sure your brand shines through.

First, you want to include photos with your brand name displayed directly on the product. Amazon doesn’t allow you to put your logo or watermark on the images, but you can include your business name if it’s imprinted on the product itself. This is a great way to show your brand name while discouraging competitors from wrongfully using your photos.

Second, use a lifestyle image and video to show your product “in use.” This tells the customer what kind of lifestyle your product fits into. For example, you show a picture of someone burning your candle while they’re cuddled up in a blanket reading a book. This gives off a warm, comforting lifestyle brand. This is different than if your lifestyle image showed a candle displayed (not burning) on an office desk, which might give off a more professional vibe.

The way you display your product being used in your images gives your customer an idea about what your brand stands for.

4. Use Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Content.

If you have your private label, you’ll want to register with Amazon’s Brand Registry. This makes you the “owner” of your brand, so you have control over how your listings look. You also then have access to Enhanced Brand Content for that brand you own.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content allow you to turn your Amazon listing into a more engaging, comprehensive storefront. It looks more like a personalized website than an Amazon listing, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

EBC gives you more space for content, images, visuals, and comparison charts. You basically have more space and freedom to make your brand shine. Amazon studies show between a 3 and 10% increase in conversions with A+ and EBC, likely because of the ability to customize and enrich the listing.

Learn more with the article, Everything You Need To Know About Enhanced Brand Content.

5. Build an off-Amazon presence.

Most customers will search for your products and brands off Amazon before they decide to make a purchase on Amazon. It’s easier than ever to do product research online, which also means they have fast access to your competitors as well.

You want to make sure that you have a strong presence off Amazon to create a united business. This tells your customers that you are a legitimate business with a strong, cohesive brand.

What should you focus on to build your brand off Amazon?

         A website that showcases brand mission and products

         Social media (at least one platform) with lifestyle content

         Customer product reviews on Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, and/or other relevant authority review sites

A presence across the web shows the value and credibility of your brand, which encourages customers to buy.


Your brand must remain consistent across all channels if you want to attract customers, engage repeat buyers, and generate long-term success. This means that your Amazon brand must start with a solid overall brand and incorporate that voice in every piece of content.

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