Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores where you find seasonal products only at appointed times, seasonal products can be purchased every single day of the year through Amazon. In addition to year-round availability, fall season sales is when things really start to heat up ahead of the holidays.

A good example is Halloween products. These items generate as much as $7 billion in annual sales, most of it in the few weeks leading up to the holiday. Once the items are gone, though, they’re almost impossible to find in brick-and-mortar stores until the following October. In contrast, you can find Halloween products online whenever you need them.

Ready to cash in on seasonal sales? The following are the biggest sellers in the lead up to Halloween:

  • Costumes – The celebration of Halloween is not complete without a costume.
  • Face makeup – Customers are eager to adorn their faces with Halloween themes, which include monsters, vampires, and other characters from the underworld.
  • Pet costumes – Pets can get in on the celebration, too.
  • Pumpkins – What is Halloween without a pumpkin?
  • Candy – Likewise, what is Halloween without candy? Though Halloween has played a meaningful role in many cultures in history, most kids simply view it as a chance to get seemingly unlimited candy.