Absolutely! With everyone selling on Amazon these days, how are you going to differentiate your product from the competitors? How do you ensure your product will arrive in good condition? How do you know the customer will be satisfied when they open the package?

Products delivered to the end user in a plastic bag with a label slapped on it is not the lasting impression you want to make. And far too often, that is just what Amazon sellers are doing. With “unboxing” videos and customer reviews being such a powerful resource for online customers when making their purchasing decisions, the packaging better be as good as the product inside. So how do you differentiate yourself and keep your customers happy? Here are a few reasons why packaging is so important to be a successful seller on Amazon:

Branding –

  • Establish Your Brand – Establish your brand with Amazon and the customers shopping on Amazon. This means registering your brand with Amazon (brand registry) to prevent companies from selling a similar product with your brand name associated to it.
  • Brand Packaging – The package is part of the brand, and needs to be associated with the brand to the customer. Custom print (brand name, product image, colors, features) on the package helps establish the brand and sends a consistent message to the customer. It is after all, the first thing the customer sees and touches when delivered.
  • Product Listing –It is a good idea to include a picture of the package in the listing. The customer likes to see what they are going to purchase, and that also includes the package. This way, when the customer receives the product in hand, they can associate it back to the listing and the brand.

Customer Experience –

  • Package Appearance – Amazon shoppers expect the product to arrive at their doorstep looking as if they just grabbed the product off a store shelf. Imagine the disappointment when they receive a product in a clear bag with a label? Poor packaging can negatively impact your ratings. And poor ratings can negatively impact your sales.
  • Right Size Packaging – Gone are the days of shipping an item in an oversized box with void fill. Shipping products in a box or bag that is too big for the product is wasteful, in both material and money. On the other hand, the customer doesn’t want their product to be crushed or damaged when it arrives either. Choosing the appropriate package that fits the product is just as important (and will save sellers money in the long run).
  • “Frustration Free” Packaging – opening the package seamlessly is key to the ultimate customer experience. Who wants to struggle and get scissors out to open a package? Easy to open options and custom designed packaging is imperative to leaving a positive experience with the customer.


So where does an Amazon seller go to get packaging made that will help them brand their product while providing the best customer experience? That is where packaging manufacturers like Calumet Carton come in. Calumet Carton Company is a manufacturer of custom printed mailers and cartons, as well as the inventor of the Stayflats® Mailers brand. Having been in the business for over 85 years, it is safe to say we know a thing or two about packaging, and have been making custom printed mailers and cartons for companies and brands worldwide. We offer easy open/close options, windowing, emboss/deboss, expansion options, as well as custom printing from simple 1 color up to full 9 color graphics. Whether it’s a simple paperboard mailer or a full color custom carton piece, Calumet Carton is your go to for all your packaging solutions. For more information, please visit us at calumetcarton.com or call us at 708-333-6521.


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