It seems like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? Get your products out in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and reap the rewards of Amazon’s 10-15% overall conversion rate (74% for Prime members).


But how do you stand out amidst a sea of fierce competition, all looking to grab the attention of those same eyeballs?


The answer is simple: Amazon Advertising.


Amazon, which recently re-branded their entire advertising platform, has a number of offerings available to help your brand reach their target audience. In this brief article, we’re going to cover one of these channels: Amazon Sponsored Brands.

What are Amazon Sponsored Brand ads?


Sponsored Brand campaigns (formerly known as Headline Search ads) are an advertising format focused on increasing the visibility of your product catalog, showcasing your brand, and driving increased sales to your products.


Using a PPC model, Sponsored Brand ads only cost money when someone clicks on the ad. These ads can direct shoppers to your Amazon Store, a custom landing page, a product details page, or a customized URL.


Offering ad placements at the top, left hand side, and bottom of search results pages, Sponsored Brands are a high impact, high visibility ad format and a must for any savvy advertiser.

The Sponsored Brands Audience

Sponsored Brand ads target qualified shoppers who are searching for products related to your brand. Ads are served based on specific keywords that advertiser’s set within campaigns. So it goes without saying, the more thorough you are with your keyword research and analysis, the more successful your ads will be.


If you aren’t using the right keywords, your ad could end up showing up for shoppers that have no interest in your products at all.


For instance, if you are trying to sell wireless USB keyboards, but none of your keywords utilize “wireless”, you would end up sending shoppers to your products who are less likely to convert, ultimately resulting in less sales and plummeting profits.


Yes, that might seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed how many advertisers get this basic concept wrong.


Why Use Sponsored Brand ads?


There are three main reasons to utilized Sponsored Brand ads:


1.    Maximize Brand & Product Awareness: By utilizing a custom headline, logo, and multiple ASINS in a single ad, you are quickly building brand awareness. You could even end up showing up when customers       search for your competitors if you’ve got the right keyword and bidding strategy in place.


2.    Help Customers Find Products: As many as three ASINs can be advertised within a single ad. This allows you to be very tactical with your advertising. You can advertise multiple best sellers, focus on getting rid of excess inventory, or focus on one single brand/style to give multiple options to the picky consumer.


Additionally, when a shopper clicks on any of your links, you get to decide where they are sent! For products, send them to a product details page. For the logo and headline, direct them to your Amazon Store or a product landing page, where you can showcase an even wider range of options.


3.    Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store: When someone clicks on your ad, you can also direct them to your custom Amazon Store. Your Amazon store can be used to provide additional information to customers,      further showcase your brand, and ultimately, sell more products.


Tying it All Together


As you can clearly see, there are some pretty major benefits to utilizing Amazon Sponsored Brand ads. They can help you build brand awareness, increase the findability of your products, drive traffic to your Amazon Store, and ultimately lead to more sales and increased profits.


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