Most Amazon sellers know how important it is to optimize all of their Sponsored Products campaigns. Finding out which keywords and search terms generate the best returns for every dollar spent and which should be removed because they are unprofitable, are critical components that help determine whether a campaign can be deemed successful or a failure.

Acquiring enough data upon which to act with confidence can mean suffering through several frustrating (and possibly expensive) weeks or months of trial and error before actionable intelligence has been gathered.

Unfortunately, even some of the most successful Amazon sellers have had to endure a process that often involved making the same or similar mistakes across several campaigns that may have resulted in wasting thousands of dollars on needless Ad spend while figuring out exactly where they stand.

The next time you are setting up a new Sponsored Products campaign, you might want to consider using an optimization strategy called “shielding” to help save precious time and streamline the cost of your campaigns.

Shielding works by helping you to ‘shield’ new campaigns from any keywords or search terms that have proven to be detrimental in your past Sponsored Products campaigns.

As part of your overall optimization process, you should begin implementing ‘shielding’ into a new Sponsored Products campaign by compiling specific lists (Negative Exact and Negative Phrase), for each of your previous campaigns that contained all of the keywords and search terms that haven’t been converting, (for example, creating a Negative Phrase list containing words that are not connecting well with a particular SKU with online shoppers).

This might take several more hours unless you used a software solution that can quickly import this information in minutes. (A sophisticated software solution should also allow the user to shield their new campaigns using Exact or Phrase shielding).

After you have optimized all of your current Sponsored Products campaigns, (creating a list of keywords and search terms that are not converting), you can now take those lists when creating new campaigns and apply that ‘shielding list’ to each of your new campaigns.

Setting up new campaigns that produce good returns can be tricky for those new to Amazon, and even for an experienced Amazon seller (like when launching a new product).

For those that may be feeling frustrated because you still can’t seem to figure out all of the moving pieces for creating a fully optimized Sponsored Products campaign, there are resources available online like PPC Entourage’s Blueprint series.

The Blueprint Series will walk you through strategies for building impactful campaigns and discuss the specifics of how to maintain them, how to increase valuable traffic to your listing, including actionable instructions on how to research keywords, set up campaigns, how to funnel successful keywords and search terms, and how to reduce ACoS and ad spend through proper planning and optimization.

To summarize…

Just follow these steps to ‘shield’ your future campaigns from keywords and search terms that are not performing:

  1. Optimize individual Sponsored Products campaigns
  2. Add poorly performing keywords and search terms to the negative list (Negative Exact/Negative Phrase)
  3. When creating new campaigns, add the negatives in from your list

By implementing shielding into all of your new Sponsored Products campaigns, there will no longer be a need to test the waters again. From the very start of each new campaign, you will have in place the necessary lists of negatives (those that have already been proven to not connect with a SKU), that will eliminate unnecessary Ad spend.


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