The Advertising Price of Product Launch: Costs and Strategies for Getting to Page One

9/2/2020 9:00 – 10:00 AM | Room: 7

Aatish SalviCTO Teikametrics

Aatish Salvi is a veteran of data science and machine learning technology for ecommerce retailers. As CTO of Teikametrics, he is responsible for providing the technology that optimizes $3 billion worth of transactions for thousands of Amazon sellers around the globe. Prior to his role as CTO at Teikametrics, Aatish was the VP of Engineering at Nanigans where he built machine learning technology to maximize the performance of the largest advertisers on Facebook including Netflix, Uber, Hulu, and Walmart. Before joining Nanigans, Aatish built the machine learning algorithms that predicted the travel destinations of millions of users used by TripAdvisor’s email platform.