The lazy days of summer are here again, bringing fun in the sun. Unfortunately, summer can also make for lazy sales as customers head for the beach or swimming pool and do less online shopping.

If your summer sales need a kickstart, here are some ideas:

Keep prices competitive. Give your sales a jolt by lowering your prices. People look for many different things when they buy products, but everybody loves a bargain. You can also hold a sale to get people interested. Use your social media sites and email lists to spread the world about your deals. Consider offering discounts ranging from 15 to 75 percent off.

Offer summer-specific products. People will be more apt to patronize your store if your inventory includes items that people need and want during the summer months.

Enhance your customer service. If your sales are wavering, use your time to bolster your customer service efforts. Respond promptly to all customer inquiries and provide swift and fair resolution of any problems.

Get more reviews. Surveys show that nearly 90 percent of online customers factor reviews into their purchase decisions. If you do not have a system in place for soliciting feedback from buyers, implement one now.

Amazon has a 500-character limit for product keywords. Choose your words carefully, and be sure to optimize them well.

Attend an Amazon sellers’ event. Expos and conferences around the country provide sellers with networking and educational opportunities. There are plenty of internet retailer seminars throughout the year where you can hear top-selling internet entrepreneurs share tricks of the trade.

With hard work and ingenuity, you can have a financially rewarding summer.