In the last two months, we have heard of too many unfortunate examples of Amazon sellers having their accounts hacked.

With ever-evolving technologies, hackers are gaining access to Amazon seller accounts with new spins on old tactics.


    • Phishing emails to trick Amazon sellers into exposing their credentials.


    • Automated bots submitting a dictionary’s worth of characters to guess account passwords.

Why would someone try to hack your account? Easy. Money. Bank account numbers are being changed, the money deposited and wired out to foreign banks never to be seen again.

Some hackers may even be in it for “the sport of it” and damage your credibility. Amazon customer support tickets are being maliciously handled leading to damaged reputations.

Once a hacker is in your account they’ll often take advantage of the following vulnerabilities.

    • lack of two-factor authentication


    • unmonitored/old account credentials


    • improperly set user permissions

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