Prosper Show VIP Day with Rise25­

The information below is regarding the 2020 VIP day. More information about the 2021 VIP Day is coming soon.

Prosper Show VIP Day with Rise25­ is an invite only opportunity for high-volume sellers—companies with $5 million or more in revenue.This daylong event was created a few years ago and it was an immediate success (see testimonials at bottom). It has been designed to meet the particular needs of companies that have reached $5 million per year or more.

This year’s VIP Day is taking place on Monday, August 31, at the same venue in Las Vegas as the Prosper Show that is taking place August 31 – Sept. 2. If you have not been invited but If you believe you are a fit and would like to learn more after reviewing the information on this page, you may book a time to talk to Rise25 by applying (see link below).

This exclusive VIP day is the opportunity for some of Amazon’s top sellers to get together on the day before the Prosper Show to exchange ideas, tools, strategies and connections. The VIP day event includes all meals, drinks, and professional facilitation to optimize the time together. If you are interested in networking and learning with a curated group of high-level sellers while expanding your network and forging valuable relationships.

Participants Are Not

  • are an experienced ecommerce business owner
  • thrive in a setting with other businesses
  • are open to feedback to get your business to the next level
  • are open to helping others by sharing best practices


  • just starting out and don’t have much ecommerce experience
  • just looking to find investors or to solicit for clients
  • reluctant share ideas and strategies regarding what is working today in ecommerce with other top ecommerce businesses
  • a good fit if they view everyone as your competition and if fear over your competition prevents you from engaging in open and candid discussion regarding challenges and opportunities with other ecommerce businesses

Prosper Show’s VIP Day with Rise25 is an enduring success resulting from our partnership with Rise25 who conducts the Mastermind Class and VIP dinner. Rise25 organizes curated VIP days around the country for high-volume sellers. Rise25 conducts brief one-on-one calls with all applicants to ensure that Prosper Show VIP Day remains a high-caliber event and that all attendees are a good fit to join.

Please know that this is a private event held in a closed-door setting that is designed for collaboration, feedback, and exchanging ideas of cutting-edge strategies and lessons learned. Anything that is shared must be and will be held in the strictest of confidentiality. To participate you must be free of any other commitments on August 31 from 9:00-7:30. The networking reception will begin at 5:30 and the VIP dinner at 7:30. Not everyone who applies can be enrolled because space is limited and not all applicants meet the below criteria for participation.


“The event was outstanding, and the execution was first-class in every regard. I believe what I gleaned from the interactions at the event itself was more than worth the investment. Any future returns, and I’m sure they will surface, will be icing on the cake. Most of all, it was a lot of fun! You guys did a great job of merging a terrific educational opportunity with a networking event.” — Darrin W.

“It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since the VIP event. Tons of a great information to process and act on. Honestly, it was such a pleasure to meet so many brilliant and highly motivated people. Thanks again for the invite. You deserve a ton of credit for hosting such an awesome event.” — Michael E.